Lynn Alto

My name is Lynn Cooper, I am 50 years old. I have been married to Phil for 17 years. He is an Electrical contractor and we run an Electrical contracting business, I work for the company on a part time basis, we have 2 daughters, Laura who is 17 and Jessica who is 13. I used to work for social services as a Nursery nurse for 17 years. Earlier last year I qualified as a level 2 gym Instructor, and this year I am starting to train as a level 2 Beauty therapist.

I have been having singing lessons on a regular basis with Alan Johnson for about 13 years now and joined the Alan Johnson Singers 8 years ago. This experience has been the best thing I have ever done, when I first joined I didn’t  have much confidence but being with the group has boosted it, the group is very supportive and gives total encouragement in everything you do, helping  each individual to be the best they can be. I have actually walked out on stage wearing anything from a bikini for the song ‘There is nothing like a dame’ to a basque, French knickers and stockings for ‘Hey big Spender’ I never imagined that I would ever dare to do something like that. I have sang a variety of duets, trios, and been out with a small group on numerous occasions, to do golf clubs, etc, and now I am part of the new offshoot group, which consists of 5 members of experienced female singers, ‘The Divas’ which I’m proud to be in. 

My roles within the group consist of costume advisor. I have also made a number of purple ball gowns for members of the group, and made the, ‘All that Jazz costumes’ with another past member of the group, as sewing is one of my hobbies. I am a member of the committee, and I’m responsible for all the groups music, making sure everyone has all they need to learn the items we sing, as we do not use music when we do a concert. I am also part of the writing committee as we are going to put on an Opera concert later this year with a story surrounding it, this is an exciting opportunity to do something else I have never undertaken before.

I have also made some fantastic friends, and we have shared some exciting experiences together, like an introduction to cruising, we went to the Carribean for Pauline’s birthday, and did a Mediteranean cruise for mine. This year we experienced wonderful Marrakesh, for Debbie’s Birthday. We have also been to Rome for a long weekend, Scotland, Ireland, and have been to Yardley Hastings in a youth hostel twice for a weekend which we did a concert in the village church. I also go on the AJ walks occasionally, when family commitments allow.

I feel the group is part of my extended family, and I am totally committed to everything we undertake. I am always excited about new opportunities whether it is chorus singing, duets or trios, or just organising events.