Most people would love to sing, but would feel embarrassed or vulnerable if they were to try. But there are vocal techniques which you could learn that would improve your voice.

Most tone deafness stems from a deviancy of musical training in childhood. It is through vocal training that good pitch and quality of sound can emerge from all voices.

I specialise in training opera singers but the techniques are just as relevant for all types of singing. From rock singers with sore throats, to pop singers who have pitch problems or need to extend their vocal range.

Your lessons will be private, and on an individual basis.

What Would I Learn If I Had Lessons?
All new students are initially taught the basis of singing. These are:-
1. Learning how to breathe properly
2. Learning how to improve the quality of the voice
3. Learning how to create pure vocal sounds and diction
4. Learning how to interpret songs
5. Learning how to perform in different styles
6. Learning how to release emotions and be convincing when performing
7. Learning how to build up confidence and acting ability, to be able to tackle different roles
8. Accepting that this new confidence can change your life!

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